The Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children, an interactive approach to supervised visitation.

Funding provided by Don & Joan Sherman, in partnership between SCAN, Inc. & Devereux Center for Resilient Children.

We welcome to the opportunity to talk with you about the program! Please contact us by calling Heidi Sims, MSW, LCSW at 260-421-5000 x2293 or emailing at [email protected].

Why the Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children?

  • This SCAN program is on the cutting edge of a researched informed, interactive approach to supervised visitation.
  • SCAN partnered with Joan & Don Sherman to create the Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children. This program focuses on building protective factors in children that have experienced a trauma by being removed from the home.
  • SCAN is dedicated to helping families in supervised visitation services to build resilience.
  • Joan Sherman has donated the funding for this 5 year research project. Joan was herself a victim of abuse and neglect as a child. She herself has thrived as an adult, becoming a mortgage originator, trainer, and shareholder of a mortgage company, but other members of her family did not fare as well as her. Joan volunteered at SCAN and served on SCAN's board of directors from 2003 to 2006. During this time, she became interested in helping others like herself to thrive in life despite their negative experiences.

What is the Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children?

  • This is a research-informed, interactive approach to supervised visitation.
  • Goals of the program:
    • The primary goal of the Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children is to increase the protective factors of children, so that we can provide them with the tools to succeed in life and break free of barriers to success caused by abuse and neglect. Furthermore, we hope this will help stop the cycle of abuse and neglect.
    • A secondary goal of the program is to increase the skills of the parent in order to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect.
  • Since research shows that children who have protective factors are able to "bounce back" from adversity, this program focuses on building these important protective factors.
  • Staff coach families as families engage in resilience-building activities.
  • Staff teach parenting strategies.
  • Staff and families build children's protective factors.

What are staff, families, and children saying about the program?

Here is what staff that are implementing the program are saying:

  • The Joan Sherman Program... "Provides a great foundation for team building. I talk with each one of my families about my role in their lives, how this is a place for families to grow and learn together, and how I work for them as hard as I can."
  • "Strengthening the parent-child bond is what I believe to be most significant, in terms of building resilience. The program does that by increasing the quality of time they spend together."
  • "I think that building strong family bonds and making good memories during tough times helps the family in situations of reunification."
  • "The program encourages children in learning to bounce back during tough times, to not give up on themselves or parents."
  • "The JSPRC has improved the effectiveness of [our] supervised visitation program because it has given structure and purpose to families during their visits."

Here is what parents involved in the program have learned:

  • "I've learned to allow the children to try new things so they can see what they do and don't like."
  • "To be consistent."
  • "I have learned to care for my children more now than ever with grace and patience."
  • "I have learned to listen more to my child and enjoy every moment of our time spent together."
  • "I learned that not only can I teach them new things, I can learn from them as well."
  • "I have learned to do a better job of listening to all of my kids individually to see what each one of them has on their mind."
  • "To be there and just listen to what my kids are really saying and watch everything they are doing."
  • "To listen to her feelings and let her express how she is feeling."

Here is what children involved in the program are saying/what they like:

  • "How I get to see my mom and have good food with her and at night time I have a good sleep."
  • "We have fun with our parents."
  • "How funny my dad is."
  • "Seeing everyone smile."
  • "Talking with my family and all of us getting to spend time together."
  • "Doing fun activities."
  • "Board games."
  • "Spending time together."
  • "Talking to my dad about the week."
  • "My favorite thing is spending time with my mom and siblings because I miss them a lot."
  • "My favorite thing about visits is that my mom and I spend time together and we talk to each other when we have problems."
  • "I see my sis."

About the Research

  • Multi-site program development & evaluation project
  • Span different parts of the US
  • Data for 4 years of program
  • Both quantitative & qualitative data
  • Please check back! This information is being updated!

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We would love to share more about our program.

Heidi Sims, MSW, LCSW
Administrator, Joan Sherman Program & Special Projects
500 West Main Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Phone: (260) 421-5000 x2293
Email: [email protected]


First, this project would not have been possible without the generous support of Don & Joan Sherman. Joan's vision to change the lives of children that have been abused and neglected inspired this program. It has been an honor to work diligently with our other partners to best serve our families and change the approach to supervised visitation in honor of Joan's dedication to children and families.

Second, thank you to our partnership with Devereux Center for Resilient Children. Their expertise in research, resilience and protective factors has been crucial in this success of this project.

Third, thank you to our partnership with Marilyn Moran-Townsend and her team at CVC. Marilyn shares SCAN's dedication to quality services, including supporting the Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children.

In addition, thank you to our partnership with agencies that have been involved with helping the Joan Sherman Program for Resilient Children become a reality by gathering data and/or implementing the program. Their excitement, support and dedication to helping families is inspiring.

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